the global operation of the company is set out so that Head Quarter is located in Hong Kong for its simplicity in offering bank services, its attractive location base in the Asia Pacific and comfortable business environment.


Tech support is carried out by a variety of experienced programmers that are part of our worldwide network of engineers dedicated to achieving excellence.


Our suppliers are world leading manufacturers in India Singapore,Turkey, and more, shipping is performed by leading delivery companies and managed by our experienced staff.


Japan is home of our client base and therefore we have established there lifeplus ecommerce ltd. to act as an agent for the purpose of money collection, as well as serving our various business interests in the country.

目前我们主要的客户群在日本。因此Jade在日本成立了成立了子公司 — Life plus Ecommerce,负责收款,Life plus也是我们在日本各类商业利益的代理人。