Director: Adv. Lior Berrebi, with various degrees in Law (LLM) and business (MBA) and extensive business experience ranging from start-ups to a thriving real estate development company, Mr. Berrebi spearheads this venture in Japan with the cooperation of various affiliates and use of local consultants and advisors. With a goal of making what seems sophisticated simple Mr. Berrebi quotes General G.S Patton: “what won’t be simple, simply won’t be”.
董事长:Lior Berrebi

Lior Berrebi先生是公司的创始人。他有法学硕士和工商管理硕士学位,有着丰富的工作经历。曾任职于初创企业,也曾服务于大型的运营良好的房地产企业。Berrebi先生与有关机构、日本的咨询和顾问公司合作,带领Jade进入日本市场并在那里取得成功。Berrebi先生一直用巴顿将军的名言 – “what won’t be simple, simply won’t be”来阐述他的目标:让一切复杂变得简单!